b'INDEPENDENT & ASSISTED LIVING SOLUTIONS.While getting older is inevitable, the impact of aging is optional.At Cadence Millbrae, we believe in getting the support you need to empower the lifestyle you want, resulting in more certainty, better outcomes and greater overall happiness. Assistance within a community like ours can open up new possibilities for a magnificent third act,which may not be possible for those living in isolation without a supportive, caring community by their side.But providing the right quality of physical assistance for the body isjust the beginning. Thats because we recognize that people are somuch more than their bodies. Theyre also emotional, social, intellectual,creative and spiritual beings, all of which deserve nurturing. To thatend, Cadence is designed as a rich tapestry of experiences and activitiesto address the whole person and all of life.We offer beautiful independent living apartments and a full spectrumof aging services should you ever need themincluding assisted living and memory support.'